Dalia Mikneviciute Smith, BSc Hons in Sports Science, is a personal fitness coach and certified Pilates teacher. Dalia has more than 20 years of work experience and quite a number of fitness achievements.

After living and working in London, UK for more than 20 years, Dalia decided to follow her roots and continue her work in Lithuania. She has her own Reformer Pilates studio in Palanga and holds private Pilates sessions or Pilates lessons in small groups here.

From her earlier sports background and work back in UK, Dalia is best known for her former international high-jumping achievements and also for teaching Pilates and coaching Fitness in Gymbox, London, UK. There also was a British TV show called “Fat Fighters” where Dalia was one of the fitness coaches and trainers hosting the show.

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Dalia Mikneviciute Smith and fat fighters UK

In 2012, Dalia Mikneviciute worked at Gymbox in London. Dalia at that time was also one of four personal trainers featured during the Channel 4 TV show, ‘The Fat Fighters’.

Evening Standard, a London newspaper, is writing:

“You’re just a little bit scared, aren’t you?” Dalia asks me in her thick Lithuanian accent. Actually, yes. In the show, Dalia dresses in military uniforms and whips her clients if they slack off. But if she’s a model of her own discipline, anyone would sign up.

Dalia’s body belies her 42 years. The former international high-jumper is an ultra-lean 6ft 2in and she looks incredible in her Jane Fonda get-up.
So when she asks me to start with some plyometric exercises using quick, explosive movements – “the kind that athletes use to warm up” – I oblige. Only not very well. Dalia laughs – hard.
“Girl, not with your arms and legs everywhere.”

She impersonates me, limbs flailing. “Have control. Hold your core.” If you want to jump over blocks and keep every perfectly curled strand of hair in place as Dalia has, control is clearly what you need.

When I get it right, it’s exhausting. “Oh, darling, look at you so tired,” she says and gives me a hug, before telling me to do it “two more times”.

She’s strict, but I can’t help but love her.

You can find the whole article here: [link]

Also in 2012, Lithuanian web magazine “Delfi” wrote an article about Dalia. You can find the Lithuanian article here: [link]

Dalia Mikneviciute Smith in Fat Fighters
Dalia Mikneviciute Smith doing pilates in high heels
Dalia Mikneviciute Smith sports model
Dalia Mikneviciute Smith in Stella pictures

Also, Dalia did some photoshoot together with other Gymbox trainers. The photos were later sold as stock photos at Stellapictures. You can find these photos here: [link]


August 2020, Dalia was interviewed by Delfi TV. A month later, she also appeared on TV programme “Bus Visko” by LNK television. You can see the video following this [link]. Dalia’s interview starts from the 22nd minute of the programme.